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Synchromagic Pro

Synchromagic Pro (December 03, 2010)

  • Minor bugs fixed

All users of previous versions (4.3 or earlier) of Synchromagic will need to obtain a new registration serial number. You will need to CONTACT TECHNICAL SUPPORT for update instructions.   If you install the new version and fail to contact us, you may have an unregistered copy of Synchromagic.

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Version Information

Synchromagic Pro (July 16, 2008)

  • SFTP and FTPS protocols support added
  • Real time synchronization tasks type added
  • User interface changed
  • Skins support added

Build - (March 19, 2006)

  • this is a minor maintenenace upgrade which some fixes

Build - (August 23, 2005)

  • this is a minor maintenenace upgrade which fixes a minor issue with ftp usage

Build - (July 11, 2005)

  • Problems with saving task lists have been resolved
  • Registration will now apply to all users on installed computer

Build - (Re-released June 22, 2005)

  • this is a stable release and anyone experiencing problems with 4.3 unable to open saved task list files should revert back to 4.2 until the problem is corrected and 4.3 is released again. We apologize for any incovenience.

Build - (19 June 2005) (this release was pulled because of minor issues for some users

  • "Copy synched files to an alternate location" advanced option added
  • resume is used when copying is interrupted by some reason (for FTP and local files)
  • Fix bug so tsl files of previous versions should now be recognized

Build - (18 April 2005)

  • new registration scheme implemented
  • no substantive program modifications


  • new registration scheme attempted
  • target investigation bug fixed
  • exclude subdirs with wildcards match added
  • online registration fixed
  • CD Burning improved
  • version information changed to

Build 571

  • Purchase options repaired

Build 570

  • Not Released

Build 569

  • Product activation issues repaired

Build 568

  • Not released

Build 567 9 June 2004 Fixes

  • New installer

Build 566 Fixes

  • After copying files from CD read only attribute cleared
  • Save log file as ASCII (for NT4/2k/XP only) option added

Build 565 Fixes

  • ftp binary compare bug fixed
  • ftp password changing when saving fixed

Build 564 Fixes

  • AUTO for FTP transfer added
  • locale date/time formats in the main screen fixed
  • delay after task completion fixed
  • Win2k registration fixed

Build 563 Fixes

  • a minor bug with FTP fixed (when full path of FTP located file less than 3 characters)

Build 562 Fixes

  • multiple targets (deleting targets after absent target) bug fixed

Build 561 Fixes

  • Minimise to Systray option added

Build 560 Fixes

  • source file to zip bug fixed (zip was empty)
  • SHGetSpecialFolderPathW in NT4 error fixed
  • equalize timestamps without copying files menu item added

Build 559 Fixes

  • Error after the _first_ down arrow press on the multiple tasks list fixed
  • FTP to CDRW bug fixed
  • System Volume Information excluded from dirs investigation

Build 558 Fixes

  • Task create wizard bug fixed
  • CD-RW bug fixed
  • Win2003 registration don't work fixed

Build 557 Fixes

  • FTP response/connect timeout settings improved
  • delete file from source/target if it was modified (and created - added)
  • create target directory if doesn't exist option adde
  • d
  • Deleted source files number bug fixed
  • CDRW target for Win XP added
  • Grey/ungrey for "will be deleted in source" files bug fixed
  • GetFileSizeEx error for Win 9x fixed

Build 554 Fixes and new features:

  • don't create empty dirs option bug (with exclude extensions) fixed
  • "check time zone shift every start" option added
  • summary window for many tasks squeezed
  • if several Preview dialogs are shown one can be hidden behind the main window - fixed
  • ScanFolder utility - wrong sort for big files size fixed
  • support of absolute names of initial dir added
  • wildcard matching added in exclude/include options
  • CPU usage goes to maximum usage. Resolved to lower cpu usage.

Any further support queries may be directed to Support