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How to use Synchromagic on your Computer

To Synchronize essentially means to make exact or duplicate copy of files and folders. One may Synchronize in order to provide a safety backup.

There is major confusion in regard to the use of the word backup. synchronization is a way to backup files to another location. This can be done either by file transfer to another location locally (i.e. another folder, another hard drive or to a removable drive, zip drive, CD Rom, or DVD Rom). This page will show you how to do a local synchronization with screenshots.

How-a (48K)

how-b (50K)

how-c (50K)

The SOURCE folder contains the files you want to copy. The TARGET folder is where you want to copy these files.

how-d (57K)

how-e (69K)

how-f (52K)

how-g (37K)

how-h (26K)

how-i (50K)

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How to use Synchromagic - Network

How to use Synchromagic - FTP

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This page last updated 13 March 2008

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