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Bill Ryan (New Zealand)
A large compliment to you. I've been a registered user of Synchromagic Pro for a couple years but, until recently, haven't exploited it to the fullest. About 6 months ago, I set up a WAN in my home based on a P2P file-share server (an old PC now with three drives) and now have my desktop and two laptops (one a 'media centre' for 'music everywhere in the house') connected to it. I use the native XP backup system for Windows and system backups but prefer backing up documents/music/photos/etc etc as copied files rather than backup files created by Windows or 3rd party programmes. When setting up the network, I started using automated scheduled backups using Synchromagic Pro from my desktop, backing up key files from all my computers onto the server (including copies of the Windows backup files). I now have everything automated and don't have to touch it. I happily receive my email notifications from SM, daily, weekly and monthly, telling me everything is done. And I know, as I've always found with SM, the copies are done without error, reliably and fast. For me, SM Pro has been a 'must have' ever since I bought it, but these new tricks I've taught myself in the last 6 months make me realise just how good SM Pro really. Congratulations, guys; superb. BTW: I've often wondered why isn't better known? Perhaps you should market it as a backup solution to people like myself with home networks. An excellent way
From Carlos Romero <>
I have been using synchromagic for several years. It has helped me keeping my information safe.
From Grady Johnson <>
Synchromagic's convenience and speed make it painless to keep an up-to-date backup and I have been enjoying it for a couple of years.
From Mary Emerson <>
I am totally delighted with this program. I am a blind person using braille to work with the PC, and most backup software has color-coded tree views going up and down the screen, that it's very difficult to use. But....your software is perfect, with standard dialogs, radio buttons, edit and check boxes. I just love it and am going to purchase a license right now. I plan to tell others about this and I am sure they will try it with great results. Thanks very much!
From JM <>
What a fantastic product! I have been waiting for years to have someone come up with this. GREAT, SUPER. For years I been using xcopy and dos to do file copies. But it does not delete the files from the target, so every month I have to delete the whole folder and start over, what a drag. NOT any more thanks to Synchromagic, my #1 favorite utility. Thanks again
From Ken Moule, Australia
Well I think I've finally found the best synchronization tool around. All the others lack something or other (scheduling, FTP syncs etc.) whereas Synchromagic has the lot. And a nice easy to use interface and configuration as well!
From E.G., Belgium
Not only do you make a great product but you seem to back it with top-notch customer service. Keep up the good work.
From L.J., New York
Excellent program. I have tried many others for synching my desktop and notebook for travel and this is the slickest. The compare feature is great and the preview option is very helpful for confidence until I get used to the program. I have done some major screwups with other programs by not getting to see what is going to happen.
From J.B., Canada
Your software works great and is pretty impressive.
Thank You for your prompt response ! FYI.. as a computer reseller, I load Synchro on each new machine (unlicensed) because I find it invaluable. Personally, I control a photo database team and find Synchro great for synchromagicing the edited portions from each location. Also, as a software developer myself, I admire your efforts.
From A.B., UK
I wanted to say that I find your application to be great and very good value for the cost. I spent about a week trying and reviewing about 10 programs of Tucows, ZDNET and others. The next best app to yours cost US$600.
From P.P., Denmark
Synchromagic - I really did not use this product until about a week ago and I want to tell you that I think it's a really great program. I have used the backup, compare and sync operations and they all work like a dream. It's nice to see a clean and tightly written program do what the "big boys" have failed at miserably. And with my jaz disks, everything really goes fast.
From J.D. Allentown, (US)
This is absolutely great product. My most recent use is to use it to backup/syncronize key files for disaster recovery purposes. It works great. Thanks again....
K.Schuster (Germany)
I'm very glad to have such a marvelous synchronization tool. Without it, I wouldn't know how to synchronize trusty our 4 laptops simultaneously. With this saving of time - I needn't to be present while doing this - I can do other important work! The log files are very very good and detailed. I love your program -> keep on doing such wonderful software!
From Robert (US)
Overall I like Synchromagic. I've tried other FTP-enabled backup programs, but had problems with connection stability . Synchromagic has worked every time, even with file sizes approaching 1 GB. Please keep up the good work!
From Jan Mühlemann (Germany)
was fastest answer I ever got....if only microsoft would do such a good job :-)...worked with no problem...and thank you all for this good piece of software..