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Synchromagic keeps your computers in synch! Foreign language versions available


This indispensable utility performs foolproof synchronization of files and directories, either one-way or bi-directionally, with many useful options. Files/folders can be easily synched from one computer to another, or from one to several.

This is extremely usely for anyone using both a laptop and a desktop computer who wants to keep their data files synchronized between the two. It is also very usefully for maintaining backups of data folders from one drive to another.

Synchronization can be one-way or bi-directional, and can be set to delete files on the destination directory which are not present in the source directory. Synchromagic also gives the option to transfer only if files are on target.

Tasks can also be performed over a local area network or between FTP sites as well. The program can also be used to create a mirror site for disaster recovery or to backup files, directories, and even entire drives. Specific tasks can also be saved and performed at the click of a button. The program can also be used to backup files, directories, as well as entire drives.

Synchromagic also features a handy separate ScanFolder utility to compare directories to determine file byte synchronization and directory comparison, and show at a glance where all the data is stored.

Run Menu-command line support is included and integration with Windows Task Scheduler. Schedule backup, restore or mirror and shut down computer when task is complete. Advise task with automatic email. New Silent Mode and include/exclude operations available.

Synchromagic's user-friendly graphical interface is highly intuitive, making it a simple and cost-effective way to keep all your files, folders and systems synchronized.

Foreign language plugins are available for many popular languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian and many others. See the this page for downloads of foreign language plugins.

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Synchromagic has won many awards and commendations!!

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Praised by both individual users and large companies alike, Synchromagic is the best utility of its type available, and has site licenses in place with Tyndale House Publishers, Fuji Medical Systems, National Public Health Institute -Helsinki, Sysmex America, Quest International, Columbia Business School, Precision Computer Services, Precision Computer Services, Eisai GmbH, Global Financial Systems, Hutchinson Technology, Meteorlogix, AXA Insurance EC, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline Company, Duncan Aviation, Orbital Sciences Corporation and many other major corporations. Some major corporations do not allow us to disclose their name as one of our customers. For more information on corporate site licensing contact our sales department for the licensing terms or contact person in your company.

Synchromagic Pro 5.x Features

Multiple Tasks

  • Create and save multiple synchronizing tasks
  • Create, save and open multiple tasks lists
  • Apply options to all tasks using "Set to all tasks" command
  • Create two different types of tasks: backup and synchronization tasks
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Use multiple destination folders simultaneously or consecutively

Flexible Tasks

  • Swap source and target
  • Synchronize folders(files) over network
  • Synchronize FTP-server located folders(files)
  • Replace destination folder(file) with source folder(file)
  • Synchronize source and destination folders in both directions
  • Update destination folder(file) only
  • Real time synchronization
  • Exclude subdirectories/files from synchronization
  • Undo task changes

Task Options

  • Delete files from the destination if they are not present in the source
  • Delete new files (source or target) which were modified before last synchronization.
  • Transfer only if files are on target
  • Transfer only if target files are newer
  • Include subfolders in synchronizing process
  • Backup/restore to/from ZIP archive for backup/restore tasks
  • Show preview dialog before performing synchronization
  • Include/exclude files with defined extensions
  • Exclude files having size more than defined
  • Create/use directories snapshot
  • Different criteria of files comparison

Schedule and Do

  • Integrates with Windows Task Scheduler
  • Shutdown computer when task is complete
  • Filter synchronizing files on the base of modification time period (include/exclude option)
  • Send email when task is completed
  • Send message to computer when task is completed
  • Dial-up to RAS before task is started and disconnect after task is finished
  • Archive destination files for backup tasks type
  • Perform external code before/after task started/finished
  • Logging support (TXT or HTML format)
  • Command line/Kiosk Mode/Windowless Mode supported

Synchromagic's user-friendly graphical interface is simple and intuitive. We are sure you will find Synchromagic easy to use, highly effective and a major time saver.